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Richard Mille RM11-03 Replica Rose Gold Automatic Flyback Replica

Original price was: $1,890.00.Current price is: $1,730.00.

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This Richard Mille rm11-03 Rose Gold Watch is a great example of a fine and high end sporty watch. It will look great on your wrist no matter if you are in the gym or on the Golf Course as a spectator. This high-end Richard Mille 11-03 replica features a Swiss ETS Valjoux 7750 Movement, and automatic chronograph movement. The latter allows this rm 11-03 replica watch to have a date wheel and run up to 3 sub-dials of minutes and sub-seconds. It also has a stainless steel bezel, plated with 18k rose gold. The surface of the watch is made of a scratch-proof sapphire crystal with AR coating and the crystal dial with white paint with a skeleton date font, which is the same as genuine.

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78 reviews for Richard Mille RM11-03 Replica Rose Gold Automatic Flyback Replica

  1. David Smith

    I was looking for a gift for my boyfriend, It’s for the anniversary and I can’t imagine anything better. Thank you

  2. Anna Fischer

    Just Wow, It’s so cool and addictive with flyback, color’s a showstopper.

  3. Isabella Garcia

    I am buying from Dubai Watches for the 3rd time and I will keep returning. Astonishing Richard Mille model

  4. Jan Novák

    RM11 Rose Gold Replica is a gem! Flyback’s smooth, color’s stunning

  5. Elena Ivanova

    Impressed with the Richard Mille Rose Gold. Flyback’s neat, clasp is good, I was expecting a little thinner but maybe this is the way it should be

  6. Nelli Shapiro

    What I like here is that the Seller gives true information and everything in the description of the product matches the reality. I will keep buying from you guys.

  7. Andrej Petrov

    I bought this for my friend, for his birthday. Well, he didn’t even notice it was a replica. Now I will wait for an expensive gift back from him, thnx!

  8. Maria Rossi

    I had some doubts while buying it as a replica. But no one will ever think its a replica, good job done

  9. Allan

    Obsessed with this piece. Looks good with everything and grabs everyone’s attention in the room. Just like I wanted!!

  10. Ashley

    I got this watch for me but it was too bulky on a woman’s wrist, so I gave it to my big brother. Can’t express his excitement every time he wears it. Definitely a great gift.

  11. Lionel


  12. Greg B.

    Perfect service every time, this shop values loyal customers and takes good care of them. This RM11-03 is my fourth purchase from Dubai Watch Store and they offered me some great bonuses with it.

  13. Merle

    The watch is great, the quality is amazing, the only thing that made me put 3* is the fact that the watch is not original.

  14. Marco

    Richard Milles is my forever favorite brand. NO one makes these stylish designs, except for them. The replica is so nice that I sometimes cannot distinguish between my original one and this.

  15. Darryl

    This watch is both a premium-quality investment and a gorgeous accessory. Although I have to say the gold design may not be for everyone.

  16. Bradley H.

    Got this for my husband as an anniversary gift, he was so stunned by the RM1103 quality that he didn’t belive it wasn’t the original one. Cannot reccomend Dubai Watch Stores enough!

  17. Raul

    Never would’ve thought I can wear THE RM11-03 on my wrist. So grateful for Dubai Watch Stores for making this possible.

  18. Julia

    Got this for my husband as an anniversary gift, he was so stunned by the RM1103 quality that he didn’t believe it wasn’t the original one. Cannot recommend Dubai Watch Stores enough!

  19. Nathan D.

    I’m in love with my new purchase! It looks so stylish on my wrist and goes with most of my outfits. Super high quality as well.

  20. Aaron Br.

    Every time I get the perfect watches from this store, I realize the value of my trust in these guys.
    Thank you ))

  21. Adrian

    There is nothing that I enjoy more than luxury watches. At the moment I decided to start getting replicas for everyday wear, as I didn’t get to enjoy my watches at all, with them being locked out at the bank safe and all. BUt now, I get to see them everyday, and not even notice the difference – that’s how good the watches here are. This particular one I pair with my love of sports, and wear it quite often to football and basketball games.

  22. Darrel

    I needed something of the highest quality, as I have started a job at an investment bank a month ago, and was surely not feeling myself as a part of the group. I don’t come from money, but have all the ambitions for it, thus needed to make my image before I could actually afford it. Glad that found this website! Besides the perks like fast delivery and safe payment option, they also give warranty. But above all I value the quality/cost ratio. I got lots of compliments on the watch at the bank, it has been a conversation starter, people come up to me now to ask where I got such a piece of art. Thanks a lot for helping me to bland in where I think I always belonged.

  23. Jacey

    If you want to get it as a gift for someone else, would be a good idea to ask them first, as the modern design is not for everyone. the shop is great though, offers lots of services, and the customer support is very friendly.

  24. Dallin C.

    I swear to God, I do enjoy fine watches and have some of my own, but I was never been able to tell that this particular piece is a fake. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the quality, the movement. I honestly couldn’t find any flaws.

  25. Edd

    I have loved this design since I saw it 5 years ago, but as it’s a clearly a man’s watch, I can’t wear it. I found a solution on how to look at it all day anyway – gave it as a b-day present to my boyfriend. He appreciates the gesture and of course the gift, and wears it all the time and I get to enjoy its beauty and be proud that my man is properly accessorized.

  26. Fern T.

    I am a football coach, and use a stopwatch all the time. Sometimes i forget the stopwatch in the classroom, and my backup one is on my cheap digital watch. Now I get to measure the boy’s time on a more accurate scale, while not being ashamed of a bulky and ugly, outdated thing on my wrist. The stopwatch on this one is even more accurate than my stopwatch, how? I have no idea!

  27. Hershel

    Hands down, THE BEST WATCH EVER!

  28. Evelyn

    My stepdad has been after this watch for ages now, and all the copies he came across were the cheap chinese ones. WHo found this website for him was me, and he already bought his third watch from here. This one I got for him on his Birthday and he was so happy about the gift he even teared up a bit.

  29. Natasha

    My husband is obsessed with Richard Mille, but unfortunately the original watch is waaay out of our league, so i decided to surprise him with this replica for our anniversary. He was over the moon and even took me out to an extra thank you dinner, as he felt his gift didn’t match mine))) I’m not an expert, but he says the quality is amazing and now he wears it all the time. Special thanks to the customer support staff for navigating me through the process and helping me pick the right one for him.

  30. Jerry S.

    One of the best replica watches I have ever gotten. Looks great with my casual/sporty style of clothing and gets me through some doors even. Will surely buy from this shop again!

  31. Kobe

    I think this is the best replica shop that I have ever shopped at. The amount of services they offer, and the prices paired with just exquisite quality is a really rare thing. This watch came exactly as I expected it to be. The price is a bit much for a replica, but the quality is so good, that I will let that one slide.

  32. Quinten

    I own a lot of original watches like Rolex and AP, but I also get a replica to go with all my originals, that i usually keep in the safe and rarely even wear. Why risk losing or having something so valuable stolen when I can wear a great quality replica and not worry about any of that! Because of my status, no one in my circle has ever questioned the originality of my watches, but it would also be very hard, as the quality in these things is of the highest standard. BTW, many of my friends are now also getting replicas.

  33. Richard

    The watch is amazing, yes. But the shop has exceeded all my expectations! They went out of their way to please their customers. I mean the safe payment, the fast and trackable delivery. But most of all the warranty. what kind of a replica shop gives warranty? I am definitely coming back and recommending this website to all my friends and family.

  34. Lyda

    I got this watch for my father for Christmas. He hasn’t seen it yet, but I’m sure he will love it! I opened to check the quality, and I swear there is no way I would be able to tell that it’s a replica. The quality, the look, the feel – everything screams luxury. My dad is a bit sloppy, so I was thrilled that the shop offers a warranty. I’m sure that my dad will enjoy this watch in years to come. As soon as I present it to him, I will update my review, in case there is something to add.

  35. Eli Roberts

    The only reason this is not a 5 star review, is that the watch is a replica. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it! It is of the best quality I have ever seen in a replica watch – the materials, the feel, the look. Surely recommend it if you are looking for a quality watch, and want to look stylish as a bonus

  36. Barbara Fr.

    We got this watch as a farewell gift for our boss – he was retiring. I work in a family-owned restaurant, and we struggled a lot this past year, but stayed afloat. However, our boss craved the much needed rest. He was overjoyed when we gave him the present! He has no idea it’s a replica, I don’t even think he knows the brand name, but he surely appreciated the gesture. I mean the watch is pretty expensive for a small business worker – the quality is to die for. There is nothing in common between this watch and what we usually call a fake. The only fake thing here is the name on the watch – but the machine is of the highest quality, the materials are amazing. I would love for someone to give it to me as well 🙂

  37. Harmon R.

    I am a long-time admirer of Richard Mille, and was so happy when I finally found a shop I can buy watches from, knowing the quality and price would be in a perfect pair. The watch came in great condition, but just a day late, there was some mix up with the shipping. Other than that, everything has exceeded my expectations.

  38. Domenic

    The watch came just as described and in the timeframe indicated, but the watch was waaay too big. I guess I didn’t imagine the size the right way. I thought 50 mm is not that big, but I’m a skinny guy and the watch just looks too bulky for my taste. had to return it.

  39. Julius

    A really cool watch, very high quality replica. If i didn’t know it was a replica, there is no way i would have guessed. I am a returning customer to this shop, and the quality is top notch every time. I even got a couple of my friend’s gifts from here. They still think I got them the originals. 🙂

  40. Janick F.

    Absolutely love the watch! I am very big on quality and swimming is my go-to work out. It used to be a hustle to put a watch on and off, even lost a couple like that. Happy that this watch passed the test with flying colors. If you are not just into sporty looks but sports as well, this watch look great both in the gym, or in my case pool, and in the office or a club.

  41. Brian

    Amazing watch! Had another one just like it in another color, now I have this one to complement my look with anything. I also get so many compliments on it! For me that adds just that much value to it! Definitely recommend it!

  42. Major

    I really like how the watch looks on my wrist. I have a rather large hand and wrist, so the size is perfect for me! The color is also very pleasant to the eye, and goes great with sporty as well as classy outfits that I have. The shop is very reliable, I didn’t even have to leave my credit card info.

  43. Kennith

    this one is a bit too modern for my taste and a bit too big. I was expecting something smaller, but it doesn’t match anything i own, so I gave it to my son. He seems to be happy with it.

  44. Bernard

    Great service, great prices for just amazing quality. Was happy to have the option of not leaving my credit card info and also for the option of the fast delivery. The warranty was a cherry on top.

  45. Robert A.

    I am a long time customer of dubai watch store and absolutely love their hands-on service! Very professional and nice people! Love the looks of my new RM 11-03 Flyback replica, love that’s automatic too, as I always seem to forget to whine them.

  46. Timothy E.

    I have many real RMs, but I have recently been robbed, and don’t want to wear my expensive watches in public anymore, making myself a target. I have purchased this RM 11-03 replica, in rose gold, just like my original. At first glance even I couldn’t tell the difference but at a closer look it shows. None of my friends noticed though, so I would say it’s a success.

  47. Billy P.

    Love my new RM 11-03 replica! I am a huge RM fan in general and this one is the 5th replica I own! Love this store, since no one can tell the difference, and I am running with pretty high-end crowds. I had bad experiences with other shops, but these guys have never failed me! High-level service and quality for a fraction of the price of the original. Highly recommended!

  48. Victor

    This RM 11-03 replica was a present for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it! Great service! The shipping arrived right on time, and surprised him on the date! Special thanks to customer support! I was very worried about the delivery mishap, but everything went smoothly and the customer care guys were really patient and nice with me.

  49. Richard A.Taylor

    It is the first time I’m using this website and overall I’m satisfied with the quality/price ratio. I’ll say the best replica site and more affordable than some. If your peers are not the ones to have expensive taste or know luxury products, probably no-one will notice the difference.

  50. Jeremy Zucker

    Owning RM11-03 Flyback has been a dream of mine since it came out. Unfortunately, the real thing is out of my reach, but this replica is pretty hard to distinguish from the original! I can see how people look at me, how impressed they are by me, and I have to say, loving the feeling. The only hiccup was the delivery, got it a day later than promised, but I could understand which because of COVID-19. Otherwise, couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  51. Sasha Gl.

    I have been getting my watch replicas from these guys for what feels like ages now. I’m very happy with every single one of them, and this new RM 11-03 is no exception! I have been constantly using this watch for my day-to-day activities, and it still shines, as if I got it yesterday. What I really like about this shop is the possibility of secure payment with PayPal, since I hate giving out my credit card information, especially to replica stores. Thanks again for the great wristwear!

  52. Matthew S.

    I have purchased this watch recently. Great service, great product! No problems with the payment or the shipping. Arrived on time, just as mentioned on the order. Very happy with the watch quality, exceeded my expectations on the looks too. They have definitely gained a loyal customer in me.

  53. Gerald De.

    I’ve recently purchased RM replica 11-03 flyback watch everything was as described and the Rubber strap was too soft. Such a quick delivery considering we’re in lockdown.
    thank you

  54. Albert

    One of the best RM replica or people used to say RM clone, it exists guys, I have bought for my brother’s birthday and my surprise impression was more than expected!
    Thank you guys and highly recommend to everyone, their rose gold not fades.

  55. Henry Wilson

    I was very pleased with the product they sent. Have received my new RM11-03 faster via DHL, I call courier and ask to delivery to my office address. Looking forward to repeat my order.
    Cheers !

  56. Sami

    Not impressed, because I used to have the authentic one not what I expected at all. Will go and collect money for the new one!

  57. Jeff

    As a huge watch collector, I would recommend Dubai Watch Store to anyone who really understands quality levels of replica sphere. I received what I ordered, without any problem. It works smoothly like Swiss watches.
    Great price and great service! Highly recommended.

  58. Aiden F.

    THis was my first replica watch purchase and I was truly hesitant to purchase this RM11-03 online, but now I’m more than happy with my decision and admiring my watch. Dreams come true, now I have my Flyback and looking forward to purchase the next one.
    Thank you

  59. Mark Scofield

    WOW !!! Professional customer service. BTW THANK YOU JAMES for quick service. Fits my RM Flyback perfectly. Great price. Thank you

  60. Sheila

    Patek I ordered as a anniversary gift for my husband was exactly as expected. The watch is shinny, beautiful , an the price was extremely competitive and customer service was excellent.

  61. Andrew H.

    Beautiful watch and received after 6 days as promised. James was very friendly and patient. Great service!!

  62. Jerry

    My wife was so happy to see the watch on my hand, it’s pretty transparent, and the quality is exceptional!

  63. Izzedin

    I received what I ordered. I would highly recommend them to all and would let you know to rest assure you can’t do any better.
    I’m fan of watches and will definitely buy with them again. Thank you.

  64. Kevin W.

    My experience with Dubai Watch Store has been nothing short of amazing. I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve written reviews over the years, but I wanted to share my experience with Dubai Watch Store. Truthfully, I didn’t know anything about Dubai Watch Store, but was introduced to the platform by best friend of mine, who had purchased before this. At the very beginning the support has been extremely helpful and accommodating. Thank you to everyone for hight service. As I see increasing trusted seller in our US market in replica sphere.

  65. Alexander M.

    Good support. I was helped very quickly. I did not have to stress at all. Received 4th day they told me I’m lucky. The rep took care of everything.
    Thank you guys

  66. Shawn C.

    This was amazing watch I have ever bought from replica line. Unfortunately I can’t attach my watch photo here.
    thank you ))

  67. Jessy Aw.

    My boyfriend was in the universe one he opened his Christmas Gift, hahah))
    Thank you, thank you, again thank you.

  68. Amber

    Everything is perfect like Tic Tac. Works smooth and with confidence.
    As this is my 4th watch purchasing from “Dubai Watch Store” I should say they deserve my trust during 5-6 years. So I’m gonna leave a bunch of reviews next time… lol)) 😀
    Best regards to all staff

  69. Abraham

    1st it’s 1:1 replica watch
    2nd this watch pushes you to go higher in this life 😀
    Thank you guys!

  70. Sam

    Nice job. Fast shipped to US, after 3 days I got nice watch)

  71. Dale Ho.

    Fantastic product! I had doubts about quality and working process, but happily it was better than I’ve expected. cheers!

  72. Stephen

    You can’t imagine how it gives you a confidence to your, it shines classy. Richard Mille RM11-03 rose gold is one of the best replica ever.
    Thank you guys

  73. Felo

    Original socks with its’ price.
    This is the best quality I’ve ever used.
    Thanks !

  74. Emanuel

    Gold, glass, shape and all details of this replica are identical to the authentic watch, one of my best experience with watch replicas.
    Thank you guys

  75. Rajesh Sunwar

    Very good watch. Like

  76. Freddie

    My wife said: “If I were you, I would rather spend these money on a high quality watch not a replica”. Several months passed, this watch stays cool on my wrist. I am super content.

  77. Luca Bianchi

    Loving the Richard Mille RM11-03 Rose Gold Replica! Flyback is cool, the strap’s a bit stiff though.

  78. Sophie Dupont

    Decent for the price. Rose gold’s nice, dial details could be crisper.

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