Why You Should Own A Rolex Replica Watch

You will learn all there is to know about Rolex watches – the history, the brand, the most popular models. Plus, we will tell you the reason behind the fact that fake Rolex watches are becoming more and more popular.

When we think of luxury, high class and taste, aristocracy, and wealth, one of the things that come to mind, along with the English Royal family and Coco Chanel, are luxury watches, and Rolex in particular. 

Rolex is a brand name that doesn’t need any introduction or explanation. Everyone knows that they are very expensive, have amazing quality and are not meant to be worn by commoners.

But believe it or not, not everyone knows or understands the reasons behind it being so exclusive and so expensive. Here, we will take on a journey of the Rolex history, brand and by the end, you will know that even you can be a proud owner of one of the fake rolexes, without having to compromise much on quality and look.

How It All Began

The history of this probably most famous luxury watch brand started with 2 men, brothers in law – Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, who founded a company called Wilsdorf and Davis in 1905 in England. At the time they were focused on importing swiss movements, called Hermann Aegler, and inserting them into watch cases. Mostly the cases were made by Dennison, but also other companies. Mainly, they were then giving the watches to jewelry makers, who then put their names on the dial, but in the inside of the cases you could see engraved “W&D”.

The trademark “Rolex” came three years later, in 1908, and became the brand name under which the watches by Wilsdorf and Davis were sold. Wilsdorf wanted it to be easily told and language-neutral. Plus something short enough to fit on the dial of the watch. Additionally, the brand name “Rolex” sounded a bit like noise when winding a watch. 

After that, the rise to fame of Rolex began

They got awarded a Class A Precision Certificate by Kew Observatory in 1914, when normally only marine chronographs got this award. A year later they officially became Rolex Watch Co. Ltd followed by a move to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919, as the postwar taxes were way too high on imports and precious metals, i.e. gold and silver.

Rolex also prides itself on the production of the first waterproof watch in 1926, calling it “Oyster”. The case of this watch was hermetically sealed, which gave the ultimate protection of the movement. The reason behind making such an invention was the fact that watches at the time had a problem of moisture and dust getting under the dial, which was responsible for movement damage. 

However, the first customers, never having heard of such a thing, were not very trusting of Rolex at first, thinking that a waterproof watch was something of science fiction. They were proved wrong, when the first-ever Rolex ambassador – Mercedes Gleitze, a British swimmer, wore the Oyster when swimming across the English Channel in 1927. 

Nonetheless, Rolex didn’t stop there with their innovations in watchmaking, and pushed it even further in 1931, when they presented the first self-winding mechanism they named Perpetual. Basically, it was a half-circular plate that moved freely relying on gravity. It was the first system to ever use a 360° winding rotor. This innovation became the predecessor of automatic watches not just for Rolex but for the whole industry. Plus, the first-ever waterproof watch became famous under the name of Oyster Perpetual.

As we can see, Wilsdorf was a visionary and innovator, he had a vision beyond his time, which makes Rolex such a unique company. When his wife died in 1944, he founded the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, to which later on he left his shares of the company. Since his death in 1960 the foundation has owned and runs the Rolex S.A. company.  

Their Fair Share of Scandals 

As we have already mentioned before, the Rolex S.A. is run and owned by a private charity fund called the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. As charity organizations do not pay taxes, this one also is free of such burden, however, in 2011 their press secretary refused to provide the amount of charitable donations the foundation has been doing. However, in Geneva, where the company’s headquarters are, they have given 2 buildings to social institutions, among many other charitable donations. 

Earlier, in 2008, the company’s Chief Executive had very suddenly and quickly left his post, giving “personal reasons” as an explanation. It could have been connected to the fact that the company has been tied with an American asset manager, who pleaded guilty to fraud, involving over $39 billion worldwide. Although Rolex denies that they have lost about $900 million. 

Rolex Sponsorships

As we all well know, sponsorships play a great role in promoting the brand, making it more recognizable, keeping its image, and making sure that no matter what, the brand is talked about and has enough exposure. 

It’s also very important to choose the sponsorships wisely, in order to affiliate your brand with the right companies, events, celebrities, and so on. Rolex does this job very well, and for a long time has been the face of many different events, mainly various major sports events. 

When it comes to tennis, Roles is the official timekeeper of all four Grand Slams, or the Wimbledon, The US Open, The French Open, The Australian Open. 

As to golf, Rolex has been involved in only two of the four major tournaments, which include the US Open and The Open Championship, as well as other golf tournaments and events. 

When to come to Yachts, Rolex has a special place in it, as it named one of its most famous models lines after a grand tournament called 24 Hours of Daytona, as of now, still is their title sponsor. 

Rolex has also dabbled in racing, becoming the official timekeeper of the FIA Formula 1 championship in 2013. However, before it became the official timekeeper of probably the most famous car racing championship, Rolex was training as a timekeeper on another major race, called Le Mans 24 Hours since 2001. 

Many great athletes, scientists, explorers and such have worn Rolex watches throughout its history and became walking and talking advertisements for the brand, as Rolex watches never failed to deliver on the promise of great quality and impeccable craftsmanship. 

Top 10 Facts About Rolex S.A. 

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1. What does Rolex mean? 

The word Rolex doesn’t really mean anything. As we have mentioned before, one of the theories is that it can be easily pronounced in any language and also sounds like a noise a wound makes. 

2. All Handmade 

No matter how much a Rolex watch costs, it is made by a human. Even where other watchmakers rely on the machines for precision, Rolex can deliver the highest standards and results with people putting together pieces and parts. 

3. 904L Stainless Steel

In 1985 Rolex started using the world’s most expensive stainless steel – the 904L. Rolex calls it corrosion free, as it can be a real problem for stainless steel watches. However, in order to keep the watches waterproof, and keep them whole under pressure, Rolex chose this alloy to guarantee quality and precision. 

4. Want a Rolex? Come back in a year

It takes about a year to manufacture a single watch. With that said, it takes about a year to make all the parts that go into the watch, but once you have all of them at hand, it only takes about 4 hours to put them together and voilà, you can proudly wear it around your wrist. 

5. Maximum Security 

When we think about the cost of a Rolex watch and the expensive parts it’s made of, plus if we take into account that all the metals and parts used in the manufacturing are created by the company, no wonder they have all the measures of prison-like security systems. They use fingerprint scanners for employees, iris scanners, bank vault doors,  unmarked armored vehicles to transport parts from one facility to another, and so on. 

6. Worth Billions

According to a report in 2017, the brand was worth $8.053 billion. No wonder they have a reputation of a status symbol. 

7. Almost a million watches a year

Rolex doesn’t disclose the number of watches it makes a year, that’s why we can only estimate the yearly amount, but it is believed that they make about 2000 watches a day. 

8. Don’t crack under pressure 

This will not come as a surprise, but all the Oyster watches are being pressure tested before they go out to the public, in order to ensure their waterproof properties. The process includes various steps, one of which is to place the watch in an air-pressure chamber to see if there is any air leakage. In case that occurs, the watch will be taken out from the assembly line.  

9. Ain’t No Mountain High, Ain’t No Valley Low

Believe it or not, a Rolex watch has been on the highest peak of the earth, on Mount Everest in 1953, when it was worn by Sir Edmund Hillary. In 1960, only seven years after Rolex conquered Everest, it went down to the deepest trench of the Ocean, – the Mariana Trench with the bathyscaphe Trieste, that belonged to the US Navy. Trieste went down 35.800 feet and Rolex was exposed to 14.000 psi pressure. Neither on the highest peak nor in the deepest ocean, it didn’t lose its face and worked like a charm, showing Rolex’s quality and strength. 

10. Most Expensive Rolex Sold in 2017

During Phillips’ inaugural watch auction in 2017 in New York, a Rolex Daytona watch was sold for the record amount of money, making it the most expensive wristwear ever sold at an auction. It was bought for a stunning amount that came to be $17.7 million. It was a Daytona, that was manufactured in 1968, and previously had only one owner, before it was gifted to a famous Hollywood actor Paul Newman.

Why Rolex Watches?

As we can see, Rolex has always been in the center of innovation, class, quality, and ingenuity when it came to wristwatches and it remains one till today. As Rolexes are a symbol of wealth, status, and class, many people, in order to associate themselves with such things, tend to acquire rolex copy watches. 

The quality of such fake rolexes vastly varies, from cheap and low-quality ones to very good quality and high-end rolex duplicate watches that can only be distinguished by a professional jeweler. 

Besides amazing quality, rolex replica watch also has amazing looks and many different and astonishing models that are one of a kind. 

However, there are many reasons why rolex replica watch should be your number one choice if you want to fake it till you make it! 

1. First and foremost, Rolex is making all their manufacturing raw materials in house. 

Rolex, unlike many other major companies, is making most of the components of their watches, like gold, bracelets, bezels, cases, dials, and movements. There is no surprise that they are doing a great job of making everything with amazing quality and accuracy. 

Rolex is wealthy enough to be able to afford all sorts of useful and best machines. Plus, they invest in technology and processes that are very secretive and not disclosed to anyone. As Rolex has always been an innovator and pushed technologies beyond the boundaries of the time, no one could ever replicate a rolex replica watch, even if they had a copy of the whole lab. 

Even the collectors agree that Rolex stands on its own, and there is no way people who are into high-end watches don’t appreciate its beauty, quality, and class. There is no surprise that Rolex is one of the most successful and luxurious brands of watches in the world. 

2.Rolex employes their own Gemologists

Most Rolexes and even some fake Rolexes for sale have many precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. As we have already established they only want and produce the best of the best. Plus Rolex can’t afford to rely on an error of others and have a fake diamond end up on one of their watches. That’s why they have their own lab and a team of gemologists making sure all the rocks are up to the standards and real. 

They also arrange the stones in accordance with what models they will be used in. They even use x-rays to make sure there is not a single fake one in the batch. Just as a reference, Rolex has stated that only about 2 diamonds out of 20 million were counterfeit. This minuscule amount might not even be enough to be bothered, but the fact that Rolex is still testing each batch and each diamond individually, to make sure their quality is never compromised. 

But they not only make sure the diamonds are real, but they also test the clarity and the color, and only accept the ones that are D-G in color and IF in clarity. Basically, the only ones that are the closest to pure white diamonds. 

Some people might even think that Rolex watches are mass-produced, thus there is not much exclusivity to them, and getting a good Rolex replica watch would be just as good, but could not have been further away from the truth. Rolex uses traditional processes and techniques to place the stones on their watches by jewelers. This is done in order to create the exclusive and one of a kind settings for the pressure stones, that are each handpicked and set. Creating a Rolex watch is not very different from creating a custom piece of jewelry – no two are exactly the same. 

3. They use technology wisely

At Rolex, they believe that if a robot does it better, let it do the job if a human – then let them. When it comes to technology, and especially in the field so sensitive as watchmaking, sometimes it’s better and cheaper to let people handle matters. Yes, sometimes a robotic arm can do things faster and more efficiently, but the costs are through the roof, which makes keeping staff on retainer a popular choice. 

As to Rolex manufacturing, they have machines, which are mainly used to make highly detailed or repetitive tasks. Mainly they are an aid to professional watchmakers, making sure they have everything at their disposal. For example, a robotic hand will bring you the parts that you need for a particular watch. All the watchmaker needs to do is place an order of what they need with the system, and the automated conveyor will bring it to them within 6-8 minutes. 

What is astonishing, is that even when the machines pre-polish the cases and most of the watch parts, the final finish and touch are still given by humans. This shows, while modern technology plays a vital role in manufacturing, they are merely there to help and ease the process for the highly trained and professional watchmakers. Despite what many people think, at Rolex, manufacturing is still mainly done and controlled by people and it’s under their authority and control. 

Rolex Watches for Men

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No matter who you are and what you do, no man would say no to a sophisticated look and the feeling of belonging to a particular class – the high class. 

Rolex, even the fake rolexes bring you a step closer to what you can be – a successful man in your respectful field. Whether you are a stockbroker, an investment banker, a real estate agent, or a lawyer, the beautiful and meticulously carried out craftsmanship of Rolex can leave anyone speechless. 

For better or worse, people judge each other based on appearances when they meet them.  Apart from making a good impression on someone is making sure you look sharp and up for the task. A big part of looking like you belong, besides impeccable clothes and brand labels, is the right accessories. Unfortunately, men don’t have much to choose from when it comes to accessories, and watches play a huge role there. 

Many high-end brands recently came to fame, but an undefeated classic and the true king of them all is still Rolex. There are many fake rolexes for sale, and many of them might leave you disappointed but a well-chosen and high-quality one will do the job just fine. 

Men, especially in the public eye and in important and powerful positions take care of their image, one of which is wearing quality wristwear, like Rolex. 

If you want to make the right impression and already walk and talk like the social circles you want to fit in and be a part of, all that’s left to do is make sure you look great by wearing the right things. The right clothes, shoes, and a watch. Rolex copy watches can pave your way and get you through doors, that before were shut for you. A Rolex replica watch can also make sure no one looks down on you and think that they are letting you be a part of them, as opposed to you belonging there. 

As we have already mentioned over and over, Rolex is not just quality and taste, it’s a revolutionary company, that stood the test of time and has been dictating fashion since they were established in the early 20th century. 

Since then they have kept their main models manufacturing like Daytona and Oyster, and added some more, like Sea and Sky-Dweller, Explorer, and many more. You can hardly find an amazing, original looking fake Rolex watches, but once you do, you are in for a treat. 

Unlike the original, however, Rolex copy watches are not customizable. If you are shopping for the original, you get to pick the color of gold, the number of diamonds, the bracelet type – metal or leather, and so on. In the case of Rolex duplicate watches, on the other hand, you get what you see, which on many occasions is a pretty sweet deal nonetheless. 

Rolex Watches for Women

Just like men need to look according to their status, women do too. Traditionally, however, watches were more for men than women, but with times changing, that fashion too has changed. 

Sure, women have all the jewelry, and great choices in clothing and footwear, that are way mo diverse and interesting than men, but watches remain a statement piece. 

No matter what men do, how they dress, how much money they earn, and how high they want to climb up the food chain so to speak, most of the motivation behind it are women – to win their attention, their affection, and loyalty. We see the most  powerful men with the most gorgeous women under their arm, and no wonder, women are attracted to success on a subconscious level. 

However, phycology is very different when it comes to women. Women don’t try so hard for men, rather they compete with each other on the matter of who looks best and who follows the latest trends in fashion. To be a person who dictates a taste rather than follows the designer’s latest collections is the ultimate goal for a woman of class that has ambitions. 

Wearing something like a rolex replica watch shows that she is classy, respects the traditions and no matter what she is wearing, her wrist says it all. As we all know, classic never gets out of style, and owning and rocking a rolex on your wrist will show you impeccable taste. Furthermore, if you customize your rolex replica watch, and bring a bit of your flair into it, no one will ever doubt that you are an undisputed queen. 

Rolex has provided an amazing choice for men throughout the years, but they have stepped up for women too, making the most amazing customizable possibilities. You can choose anything from the color and style of dial, the color of the gold, the amount of diamonds, and many more. 

There are not as many choices for women, however, when it comes to models, as a lot of them are very manly and do not reflect the style of Rolex to provide all of the models equally for men and women. More feminine models like Oyster Perpetual Day-Date and Oyster Lady Date just are available in new styles and are so widely customizable, that there is a very slim chance that two watches might look identical. 

Then you shop for Rolex you know you get exclusivity right out the gate when you get to choose exactly how you want your wrist to be wrapped and you always have to contact the local retailer in order to complete the purchase. No one is shipping gold and diamonds in the mail and why should you compromise security when you are paying a quite hefty sum of money for the pleasure of wearing such a statement piece. 

The Rise of Fake Rolexes Explained 

In this day and age of Covid-19 lockdown, unfortunately, many people have been forced to cut on their expenses and for many, it was the reason to rethink their expenses and spending habits. 

Indeed, why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a single accessory when you are not as confident in your future as you used to be. Plus, with such a great supply of rolex duplicate watches, there is no need to go overboard and spring for the original one. 

Here are some advantages of choosing a rolex replica watch over an original one: 

  • No one will be able to spot fake rolexes

Whether you are a businessman, a banker, a politician, or a professor at a local university, if you pick a good retailer and do your fair share of due diligence, you will buy high-quality fake rolexes for sale and no one will be able to tell the difference. You will know that you are wearing a good piece of wristwear, wear it with confidence and pride, as even a rolex replica watch can cost you thousands of dollars. 

  • You save a lot when getting fake rolex watches

While an original piece will cost you tens and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars, demanding on how much bling-bling you want to incorporate in your custom design, you save immensely when you buy rolex copy watches. Sure, they are not cheap either, and a good quality one, with decent movement and craftsmanship, high-end materials will be as much as some original pieces of even famous brands. But knowing that you are wearing a Rolex, even if it’s a rolex replica watch, is worth the trouble. 

  • No need to feel bad if you lose one of your fake rolex watches

Indeed, when you are wearing something very expensive, diamond earrings, gold neckless and bracelets, you always worry about your security. What if someone wants to rob you, or more common and less scary – what if you lose something you paid a fortune for. So nowadays more and more people are preferring to opt for rolex duplicate watches, instead of wearing an original. Some even own, and not s single but many original Rolexes, but choose to go in public with rolex copy watches, just to be on the safe side. 

  • Lavish lifestyle is not in style anymore

With the very unevenly distributed wealth and latest developments of pandemic and economic crises that followed, people have become less tolerant of these discrepancies and are less tolerant of those that show off their wealth. Thus, more and more people are trying to be more humble, and not have unnecessary spendings but rather go for fake rolex watches. When you wear rolex duplicate watches you make a statement of choice and where you stand, distancing yourself from what you have and focusing on what you believe in. Just like with real leather, fur, and meat, people more and more are choosing the replacements rather than the real deal. Many celebrities and very wealthy people are dressing in faux leather and fur, becoming vegetarians, and choosing to purchase fake rolexes for sale, as opposed to original ones. 

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So as you can see there are both pragmatic and trendy aspects to why people more and more are choosing to get Rolex copy watches and not the originals. Plus, there is so much supply in the area of Rolex copy watches, that it’s hard to miss them. When you open your browser and even if once you have typed fake rolexes, you will for a while keep getting ads on fake rolexes for sale and you are bound to check at least one of them out. When you do, you will see that fake Rolex watches can be very cheap, and very expensive. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that people would give that much money for a Rolex replica watch when they can buy a famous brand for the same amount. But they still do, because Rolex is a sign of status, is a symbol of success. And even fake rolexes for sale can have that effect on people. 

At the same time, even though there are so many shops and retailers offering fake rolexes, a good quality Rolex replica watch is a hard thing to come by. There are certain points you have to tick off on your list, in order to make sure you are dealing with an honest and professional fake rolexes retailer. 

If the fake rolexes for sale do not inspire confidence, then you know people are just trying to rip you off. Such examples may include an unsecured payment system. Another example may be non-existent customer care. When you have no contact with the retailer, you know something is up. Please also avoid fake Rolex watches shops, that don’t offer fast and trackable shipment. This just means you will be worried sick waiting for weeks for your Rolex replica watch. A huge plus in the shopping for fake rolexes for sale is the provision of warranty. When a retailer provides a warranty on their fake rolexes, you know they mean business. 

No matter what model of a Rolex replica watch you are choosing, wear it with confidence, with your head held high, as you are a proud owner of a status icon and maker. But please, let the fake Rolex watches be the only fake in your life. Let the success and the wealth and the status be real, and we are sure much deserved and earned with hard work. 

Most Famous Rolex Models

We have discussed at length the history and innovation of Rolex, about how fake rolexes have become a new thing of the day. But let’s go back just a bit, and have a look at the most famous models that Rolex has been putting on the market over the years and see how they differ and with what purpose they were initially made.  


Probably the most famous one out there and one of the oldest models is Daytona. As we have already mentioned, it was named after Daytona, Florida, where racing was on the rise and was made especially for drivers to measure the time in ellipses and the average speed.  

As previously mentioned, “Paul Newman” Daytona is also one of the most famous watches out there, which is also the most expensive one sold in an auction. 

Modern Daytona, which is the Cosmograph has lots of new additions like the tachymetric scale, and a sweep second hand that is used to read the ⅛ of a second.  

You can find lots of fake Rolex watches of Daytona on the market today, with very high quality and quite an affordable price. 

 2. Submariner

Submariner is a model of one of their oldest models – the Oyster, or as it’s called today the Oyster Perpetual Submariner. This was a watch that was specially created for divers and is made to withstand the corrosion and high pressure under the water. 

The first one ever was created in 1954, and since then each one of them is pressure tested before it goes out to the public, to ensure the highest quality and impeccable design of Rolex. 

The modern Submariner has the Calibers 3130, hour markers that are luminescent and rotatable bezel that can turn into any direction. Plus, they are water-resistant up to 300 meters, which is pretty impressive. Even the fake rolexes for sale are water-resistant, but most likely not that deep. 

 3.  GMT Master

GMT Master is also a part of the Oyster Perpetual collection and was created especially for the navigators and pilots of the Pan American Airways, in collaboration with which it was created and launched in 1954. 

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, which is used in weather forecasts, aviation planning, and other things for a standardized time. The GMT made it possible for the pilots to set 2 times, the current time zone, and the GMT one, to help them better navigate the time differences in their long-distance flights. 

The original watch had the 24 hour GMT hand and a bezel that moved and displayed the second time zone time, which was in the 12 hour hand. There are lots of fake rolexes for sale of this model, which you should look through carefully, to choose the one you love. 

  4. DeepSea

This watch was created in 1926 by Wilsdorf, to go down to the deepest trench in the ocean the Mariana Trench with the bathyscaphe Trieste. The watch has withstood the pressure under 11.000 meters and has worked perfectly, during both going down and coming up. 

And even the designer and the engineer of the Trieste congratulated the Rolex on a great quality watch, that didn’t crack under the pressure. You might not find this kind of quality in fake Rolex watches, but no one is going that deep in the sea, right. All you need is water-resistance of 3-10 meters for taking showers and swimming in the sea/pool. 

   5. Day-Date

The Day-Date is another model of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection, that was the first watch to display both day and the date spelled out when it was released in 1956. 

You can order this watch in 26 different languages and in 2 sizes today – 40 and 36 mm. 

Maybe the fake rolexes for sale might not have the solid white, everose, or yellow gold, but rest assured that you can get a quality, that no one will even think of doubting.